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Peter and the Wolf at the Reading Clubs!

Last updated September 4, 2006

†††† Peter and the Wolf will be performed at all four elementary schools in September 2006 by the musicians listed below!†

†††† Click here to listen to music files of the musical themes played by each instrument.†

†††† The musicians performing at Esperanza include members of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.†

†††† The musicians performing at Magnolia include members of the El Camino College Center for the Arts.†

Esperanza Narrator Piano Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon French Horn
Delores Stevens Delores Stevens Patricia Cloud Rong-Huey Liu Gary Gray Carolyn Beck Richard Todd

Magnolia Conductor Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon
Dane Teter Pam Conde Sam Capaldi Joanne Davidson Melody Millett
1st Violins 2nd Violins Violas Cellos Bass
Joe Derthick
Katie Eninger
May Nakamura
Jerry Welner
Ellen Woodyard
Karen Lawrence
Diane Bohl
Jim Heard
Michi Yamashita
Allyson Bates
Pat Mack
Andrew Hsieh
Bob Boren
Rob Sudakow
Audrey Irwin
Marie Rodriguez
Art Carey
Narrator Trumpet Trombone French Horns Percussion Timpani
Miriam Alario David Ploen Veronica Bashbush Ruth Ann Ploen
Lisa Selje
Amy Wolff
Slava Magidin Bob Tomlinson

Gratts Conductor Narrator Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon French Horn
Brett Fisher Michael Goldstrom Alice Song Dave Champagne Julia Song Barbara Anderson Angelina Crans

Hoover Conductor Narrator Flute Oboe Clarinet Bassoon French Horn
Kevin McKeown Louis Fantasia Patricia Maggs Jessica Walter Mike Munson Christin Webb Denise Briesť

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