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Music at March 10, 2012 Reading Clubs

(This page is from our 2012 March Reading Clubs. Please click this link to see our March 9th, 2013 musicians.)

Last updated February 17, 2012

As part of the March 10, 2012 "Music and Celebrations" themed reading clubs, the following musicians will be performing at all seven elementary schools!  We will also be reading "Music and Celebration" themed books.  Click here to see the books for each grade level along with discussion and craft ideas.  

Alta Loma Benedict Burns
Esperanza Morit Gaifman
Gratts Prof. Chi Li, Director of the Chinese Ensembles, UCLA
Los Angeles Brentwood Westwood Symphony Orchestra:
Deborah Kim, violin, and President of the Board; Diego Miralles, cello, and Associate Conductor; Navelle Cohen, Principal flute, and Marco Miralles, cello, son of Diego Miralles. They will be assisted by Greta Couper, Member of the Board. Alvin Mills is our Director, and welcomes everyone to our FREE concerts on April 1st in Westwood, and May 6th in Brentwood, see www.BWSO.org for more details, or click here.
Magnolia Tau Beta Sigma -- Members of the UCLA Marching Band and Colorguard Team
Politi Potential Lunatics
White T'Lark