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at the October 12th Reading Clubs

(Please contact us if you know magicians who would like to perform for us on October 12th, 2013.)

Last updated October 7, 2013

As part of the October 12th "Halloween, Mysteries, and Magic" themed reading clubs, magicians will perform at all seven elementary schools!  We will also be reading "Halloween, Mysteries, and Magic" themed books.  Click here to see the books for each grade level along with discussion and craft ideas.  

Alta Loma Tom Ogden

Esperanza Ken Goodman
Gratts Raul Fernandez
IBM Ring 21 & Academy of Magical Arts

Academy of Magical Arts aka Magic Castle
IBM = International Brotherhood of Magicians
SAM = Society of American Magicians

Thank you to Raul Fernandez for recruiting these magical talents and organizing their visits at our reading clubs! 




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